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Who did you see in church today?

pulpitA preacher (like me) has a unique perspective on Sunday morning. While you are sitting watching and listening to me, just one person, I am looking at you, a whole congregation. You may notice a few of the people and your friends around you, but I get to see all of God’s people gathered together to hear His word and receive His gifts of grace.

Do you know who I saw this morning?

I saw three squirmy, restless, babies. (I heard them, too!). I baptized all three and love to hear their voices and watch their expressions during a worship service.

I saw fourteen widows and three widowers. They were sitting in the very sanctuary where I had conducted funerals and memorials for their spouses. They are so faithful, and so looking forward to joining the ones they love.

I saw nine new member families. Did you see them? Did you speak to them today? I hope so. They are such a blessing and bring so much to our ministry.

I saw over ten couples who have been married more than fifth years. I saw a dozen who had been married less than ten. And one couple looking forward to their wedding this fall.

I saw survivors. Survivors of cancer, natural disasters, family crises and violence.

I saw new people. People worshiping with us for the very first time. People I’ve never met before. I hope someone welcomed them.

As a pastor, I know what is going on in the lives of the individuals and families in our congregation. As I absolve, preach, commune and bless them, I know what’s going on in their world. That knowledge both breaks and lifts my heart, as I share their joys and sorrows.

Oh, and I saw my fan club, too. I hate to be the one people like. I want them to be fans of Jesus. But at the same time, I am thankful for the many who pray for me, encourage me, check up on me, and simply love me.

That’s what I saw today. What did you see in church today?

One thought on “Who did you see in church today?

  1. I watch you each Sunday morning sitting up there taking attendance. I remember doing that myself. Isn’t it something that most people sit in the same location each week? We know where you sit and you know where to look for us. cq

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