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Dunkin Donuts is open

Photo by Connor Ellsworth on Unsplash
Blaap. Blaap. Blaap.

Alright, alright. I reach around and finally shut off the alarm. Are you kidding? It’s still dark out. Really dark. What was I thinking? No — today we are doing it. We are getting up and going to church. Period. No debate. Let’s go.

Sheesh. Why does the Keurig work so slowly on Sunday mornings? We are getting a new one as soon as the Black Friday sales come out. As the fog lifts from my brain, I realize that we’ve got lots of time to get ready. 8:15 worship? No problem.

O. My. God. The shower feels so good. I could just stand here in the hot water for hours. Just a month ago the water was chilly, ’cause we had no power for a week. Yes, God, thank you for answering my prayer and restoring my power!

Let’s go. Everyone up! Breakfast? Don’t worry about it. They have cookies and muffins and donuts there. Just find something clean. You know how the pastor is. He’s not looking to see how well the kids are dressed. No, it doesn’t matter if your socks match. Who’s going to see them? We sit in the back anyway. Yes, you can bring your octopus. And your ferret. And a waffle.

It’s only ten minutes to church. The ride is quiet. Not too many cars on the road. D*** we are early. There aren’t any other cars in the parking lot. That’s strange. We’re never the first ones here.

No way. The sign on the door says “One service at 11 am”. Are you kidding me? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Shoot. That’s right. He did send a text. And an email. Wasn’t there something on Facebook too? Son of a b****.

Oh well. Dunkin Donuts is open. What kind of donuts do you guys want?

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